Our IV11 Clock Kit was elected Amazon’s Choice!

中国的朋友们如需购买,请认准我们的官方店。http://nixieclock.taobao.com 市面上其他的劣质品很多,购买时需要留意。 Our IV11 VFD clock soldering kit is now AMAZON’s CHOICE!😎ི👏🏻 Thank you all our customers out there for your trust and support 👍🏻💕 This clock kit is designed by 严泽远 (Yan Zeyuan) and available for sale on Amazon, Read more…

Slack Open to Join

For better communications, I created a workspace in Slack, named “Nixie Clocks”. Feel free to join the group for nixie/vfd clock related topics. Here is the link: https://join.slack.com/t/nixieclocks/shared_invite/enQtNDA4NDcwMzE3MjY3LTNmMDljMDU1YjFjMWIxNDk0Yzg4MjFlMzNhMDYzYWZlZDg3N2RmNzg2Yzg2ZDM1ZjhhOTU4ZGRjYmM1NGQ2Njc