5/21/2018 Update: All models are in stock, except model AX. See chart below

To get your clock, you can:

Get a FREE PCB ruler when you place your order with us. (While supplies last!)

They sell really fast! So if you are interested, contact me now!

MY EMAIL: aiden@aidenartstudio.com

We are very proud to announce a brand new product line, Omnixie.


  • * the nixie tubes are interchangeable among 6 types of nixie tubes
  • * connect to wifi to keep time accurate all the time.

Nixie Tubes Options:

  • IN-14
  • IN-8-2
  • Z570M
  • ZM1080
  • NL5441
  • NL841

They are full assembled, fully tested and ready to use out of the box. We do NOT offer DIY KIT version for these clocks.

It has a WIFI module built-in, so that it can be controlled using your smartphone (any smartphone with a web browser).


Omnixie Clock v1.0.0 User Manual English

Chinese 简体中文:
Omnixie Clock v1.0.0 User Manual Chinese 简体中文

Some of the models are available for sale NOW. Email me to get more details if you are interested 😉

Wood Case Selections

3 Different Woods for the base:

  • Ebony, 黑檀 (Left in the image below)
  • Beech, 榉木 (Right in the image below)
  • Bamboo, 竹子 (Middle in the image below)

From Left to Right in the above image: Ebony, Bamboo, Beech


Please provide the model in the parenthesis while placing your order.

Product Photos

In the above image, from Left to Right:
(1) NL841 (2) NL5441 (3) IN-14 (4) IN-8-2 (5) ZM1080 (6) Z570M

Setup pages on smartphones

(iOS, Android)

Product Dimensions and Contents

Box Dimension:
12.5” x 4.5” x 3.75”
318mm x 115mm x 95mm

Package Contents:
– The Omnixe Clock
– 5V Power Adapter
– microUSB cable
– Remote

Please provide the model in the parenthesis while placing your order.

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