Our IV11 Clock Kit was elected Amazon’s Choice!

中国的朋友们如需购买,请认准我们的官方店。http://nixieclock.taobao.com 市面上其他的劣质品很多,购买时需要留意。 Our IV11 VFD clock soldering kit is now AMAZON’s CHOICE!😎ི👏🏻 Thank you all our customers out there for your trust and support 👍🏻💕 This clock kit is designed by 严泽远 (Yan Zeyuan) and available for sale on Amazon, eBay and our own online store www.nixie.ai. They will be Read more…

Slack Open to Join

For better communications, I created a workspace in Slack, named “Nixie Clocks”. Feel free to join the group for nixie/vfd clock related topics. Here is the link: https://join.slack.com/t/nixieclocks/shared_invite/enQtNDA4NDcwMzE3MjY3LTNmMDljMDU1YjFjMWIxNDk0Yzg4MjFlMzNhMDYzYWZlZDg3N2RmNzg2Yzg2ZDM1ZjhhOTU4ZGRjYmM1NGQ2Njc