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Omnixie Plus Nixie Clock (2019 release)

Omnixie Nixie Clock, WiFi-enabled, Smartphone-setup (2018 release)

To reset the clock to factory default:

  1. Use the remote to turn the clock off.
  2. Press 4648 and OK, to restore it to factory default (except the wifi settings), or,
  3. Press 9434 and OK, to restore all settings to factory default.
  4. Done.

IV-11 VFD Tube Clock, Available For Sale

Two versions available for purchase.

  • KIT version; through-hole soldering skills required
  • Fully assembled version


Chinese 简体中文:

IV-18 VFD tube Clock, Available For Sale

(Both Kit and Assembled Versions)

Nixie DC-DC High Voltage Power Supply

NCH8200HV (2017)

NCH6100HV (2013)

Black ‘n’ Wood Nixie Clock, Soldering Kit (2018)

Available For Sale

Vastest Version v2 (2018)

Instruction Manual

Divergence Meter

Available For Sale

QS18-12 NIXIE tube Clock (Discontinued)

IV-22 VFD Tube Module (Discontinued)

IN-14(IN-8) Nixie tube Clock  (Discontinued)

VFD Clock YS13-3 (Discontinued)

LED Clock Graphic 5×7-1×6 (Discontinued)

Black ‘n’ White Nixie Clock (Replaced),

replaced by version 2 in 2018

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Nixie Clock QS30-1 (Discontinued)

[DIY]二十四小时的感动(古典版I) <wbr>自制QS30-1辉光管电子时钟