IV-11 VFD Clock (DIY KIT or Fully Assembled)

MSRP: $189.00 - $229.00


Brand New IV-11 VFD tube clock. Elegant design.



Brand New IV-11 VFD Clock comes in two flavors, Soldering DIY KIT and Fully Assembled.

  • For the Soldering KIT, you’ll have to assemble it before use. We have step-by-step assembling instructions in English/Chinese.
  • For the Fully Assembled one, it is ready to use out of box.


New IV-11 VFD tube clock

Driect drive, static scanning, gold plating PCB, IR remote control, RGB LED backlight, real hard wood frame, laser cut bright black arcylic plate.
All different types of parts are carried out a separate packaging with detailed label, it’s easy to find the correct parts during DIY process.
Customized strong box and EPE foam, each part will be placed in the right place to be protected, no worry about the damage of tubes and other parts during long distance transport.

Technical specifications

VFD tube: IV-11(ИВ-11 1980s-1990s Made in USSR)
Voltage of DC input: DC 5V (3.5mm/1.35mm)
Operation current: Max 900mA
Dimension: Base 240mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 25mm(H) Height of VFD tube 50mm, diameter 22mm
Material of housing: Hard wood and acrylic plates
Operating temperature: 0℃ to 60℃ (32℉ to 140 ℉)
Weight: 360g


1. Time display: Display hour, minutes and seconds (12 or 24 format operational, lead zero On/Off supported).
2. Date display: Display year, month and day (YY-MM-DD/YY-DD-MM/DD-MM-YY/MM-DD-YY date format operational).
3. Lunar date display: Calculate and display Chinese lunar date accroding to solar calendar.
4. Day of week display: Calculate and display the day of week.
5. Alarm: Two alarm clock, can be activate separately.
6. GPS adjust: Automatic adjust date and time (GPS receiver is optional).
7. GMT time zone functions: The clock will calculate the local time based on satellite.
8. Temperature display: ℃ or ℉ operational (Temperature sensor included).
9. Switch On/Off automatically:Auto On/Off time can be set for saving tube life.
10. Brightness adjust automatically: Automatically adjusts brightness level of VFD tubes and LEDs based on ambient lighting.
11. Transition effects: Ten transition effects for the digits, and ten transition speeds can be setup.
12. Background lighting: Background lighting effects includes eight colors, Fade in-out, On and Off.
13. IR remote control: IR remote controller operation.
14. High accurate: Built-in high precision RTC module, acurate to within 60s per year.
15. Power off memory: Built-in backup lithium battery will maintain clock time, all setting can be saved without power.

Contents (for the Soldering KIT):

1. 6pcs IV-11 VFD tubes.
2. 12pcs tue spacers.
3. 1 set wooden & acrylic housing, including all spacers and screws.
4. all components, ICs, MCU has been programmed.
5. 1pcs gold plating PCB board.
6. 1pcs IR remote controller.
7. 1pcs temperature sensor (1.5m long wire).
8. 1pcs USB power adapter (world wide use voltage).
9. 1pcs USB power cable.


Contents (for Fully Assembled):

1. A fully assembled IV-11 clock, ready to use out of box.
2. 1pcs IR remote controller.
3. 1pcs temperature sensor (1.5m long wire).
4. 1pcs USB power adapter (world wide use voltage).
5. 1pcs USB power cable.


1. For US buyers, the item will be shipped out via USPS Priority Mail from California, unless otherwise stated.
2. For International buyers, the item will be shipped out from our warehouse in China. It has tracking numbers and usually takes 7-20 business days to deliver.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

Soldering DIY KIT, Fully Assembled